Questions and Answers

Q.) May I choose which photo is processed and posted to the website?

A.) Due to time constraints, I will choose the best portrait based on my personal creative judgment to capture what I feel best represents you or your loved one through my time spent with you or them during the photography session.

Q.) Where will you do the portraits?

A.) I am a location photographer and have experience shooting in many different environments. I can turn your personal home into my studio temporarily – or maybe even a favorite location such as a local park.

Q.) How long will the photography session last?

A.) The photography session will likely last a couple of hours. First, I will assess the best setting for the portrait – whether that is the kitchen table, the garage, or just in front of a neutral background in order to give the portrait a very straightforward and traditional feel. During a typical photography session, I may take up to 100 or more pictures in order to capture the best image.

Q.) What should I wear for the portrait?

A.) I want the portrait to be true to who you or your loved one is as a person. This means that you do not need to worry about being dressed in your “Sunday best.” Wear what you are comfortable in – for instance, if you’re a mechanic a photograph of you in your work clothes with grease on your arms will resonate more with viewers than a photograph with you dressed in a way that few people actually see you – like a suit and tie. If you like to cook or garden, a portrait of you in your kitchen or garden would capture you in an environment you enjoy.

Clothes with loud patterns and jewelry can be difficult to photograph, but are not out of the question.

Q.) Will the portrait be retouched at all?

A.) I may do very minor retouching on the portrait I choose to post, but when it comes to portrait work, I limit how much retouching I do. I will retouch facial blemishes that may not normally be there but tend to not remove anything about someone that is part of who they are – even if they’ve asked me to.

Q.) Will we receive a print of the portrait that is posted?

A.) Yes, a single 11×14 print of the portrait used on the Portraits for Prayer website will be mailed to you.

Q.) Can we order prints of the file chosen for and posted to the Portraits for Prayer website?

A.) Yes, you may. This is not my attempt to make money off you or and your family due to the circumstances that have brought you to me, but please note I will need to charge my full rate for additional prints to cover my time and expense in printing and delivering them.

Q.) Will we get high resolution files of the images from the session on a disc?

A.) I retain all rights to my work and do not deliver high resolution files from such projects to ensure the print quality of the photographs I’ve worked hard to create.

— Keith