Love Like This Doesn’t Die

 Uncle Shorty & Aunt Evelyn

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about the 64-year love story my Great Uncle shared with my Great Aunt.

Last night, as my Uncle’s life was slipping away in the hospital, my Aunt remarked to me that I could now write the ending to that story. I replied that this wasn’t an end to the love they had for one another: I can’t write an ending for something that will never end.

I did however capture what I feel love should look like after 66 years of marriage in this photo of her doing her best to comfort him just hours before he passed. The kind of love I see in it doesn’t die.

Please celebrate the life of this amazing man, and send your prayers and well wishes to his widow – my Aunt Evelyn. They’re my favorite couple and have been a huge inspiration to me.