January 2013 :: “Shorty”


Name: Harold “Shorty” Marlowe

Age: 86

Medical crisis that prayer is being requested for:

Severe and constant back pain that modern medicine has not been able to relieve.

What’s your family like?

I have three wonderful children and 3 grandchildren. (I feel compelled to add that he also has a wife that he loves dearly!)

What are your passions in life?

Walking a Christian life and trying to set an example.

What are your fears?

Becoming physically disabled.

…and your dreams?

 Being able to be independent physically as long as my wife and I live.

What’s your favorite food, musician or band, book, movie, and hobby?

My favorite foods are fried chicken, spaghetti, and chocolate pie. My favorite movies are “Sound of Music” and “Gone With The Wind.” My favorite singers are George Beverly Shea and Andrea Bocelli. My favorite hobby is reading.

What are your regrets in life? Do you have any?

 Not planning for retirement as we should have done.

What the best advice you have to give to those that read about and pray for you here?

Be optimistic and prayerful.

I was hesitant about featuring a family member first for this project, but it really seems to fit in this case because the project was conceived after a few simple words that my Uncle Shorty said to me back in October. He has been very brief with his responses here, and they give only a taste of who he is. I don’t think enough good things can be said about the man. You can read more about him being a gunner on the USS Alabama here and what type of husband he is here. He said above that one of his passions in life is setting an example. Well, the man does set an example – a very good one. Please send your prayers his way.