August 2013 :: Don


I just learned through Facebook that my friend and mentor, Donald Giannatti, was taken to the hospital yesterday via ambulance. His wife, Marian, posted the following to his Facebook profile early this morning:

“Update on Donald Giannatti. Asking for prayers . . . Don has been admitted to the cardiovascular ICU for severe blood clots. He is on a thinning medication and is not allowed to move. It is very scary, but he has a wonderful staff of dedicated, compassionate professionals looking after him. We can only take one moment at a time . . . waiting is scary. All your kind words and thoughts are very appreciated. Thank you,

This is life threatening for him. I am writing this post without his permission — but feel that he won’t mind. Don is actually the guy that is responsible for this website being up as it is now. He gave his time to help me help others through my photography. He is my web guy. He is the friend that warned me about doing this project, telling me he felt that it may get to me too much, knowing how I am. He was looking out for me. I respectfully ignored his warning and pushed forward with the project, with him playing a crucial part in making my vision for it become a reality.  So now, I feel there is no way that in good conscious that I cannot use something that he helped to create, to help him get better.

Let me tell you about Don, as I know him. I initially met him back in 2007 through a popular online photography forum. He always expressed himself well on there and had something of value to add. The dude just has great insight on many things in life. He is a talented guy. He’s a photographer, designer, and author. More importantly, he is a devoted husband, father, and friend. To me that is where his greatest talent lies. As hectic as life can feel as a creative person, as tough as it can be, he has managed to stay in a lasting marriage, and has three daughters that he is proud of and worries about. On top of all this, he makes the time to be a true friend to people like me. Many people look up to him. There’s no way to measure the positive influence he has had on so many — including me. He is passionate about what he does, stands up for what he believes is right, and is able to do so in an intelligent way. He is a smart dude.

In his latest book, Don Giannatti’s Guide To Professional Photography, he says, “Treat every job as if it is the best job you will ever get.” Well, as I’m writing this, concerned about him, I can’t help but think that we need to treat every day as if it is the best day we will ever get, because it could be the last day we get.

Please pray for my friend everybody. He is loved by many, including me.