A portrait of me taken by, Julie Shipp, one of my past students.

Who am I?

I’m a commercial photographer based in Atlanta who is fascinated with people from all walks of life. I simply love to help others.

Do I believe in God? Yes. Do I try to be a good person? Of course I do. Do I attempt to present myself as being a “perfect” Christian around some people and then act like a totally different person around others? No, I do not. I cannot be a perfect person or a perfect Christian — none of us can be.

I know each person has different beliefs and standards. For example, I use colorful language sometimes — even though my parents taught me better – but I know when I need to be respectful to others. Once I was told in church that any music with a drumbeat was the devil’s music. Well. I loooove me some “devil’s music.” Some people may view it as that – and that’s fine — but I call it rock ‘n’ roll. Turn it up! How about people you may detest? I enjoy the company of many different types of people – from the most skeptical atheist to the most devoutly religious. That’s how Jesus was – and that’s how I try to be. I strive to be the same person around everybody, whether I’m at work, in church, or hanging out with old high school friends.

I do not want to impose my personal beliefs on you while doing the portrait of you or your loved one. I will not. I want to listen and learn about who you are and hopefully capture some of that emotion with my camera.

My Mission

My mission with this project is to help you or your loved ones through tough and scary times. As a kid, I dreamed of doing three things when I grew up: photography, music, and medicine. I’m incredibly lucky now to make my living in photography – and this photography project may just be God’s way of fulfilling my lifelong dream and interest in medicine by helping heal others through Him.