A Prayer Request For My Dad & His Healthcare Providers


Happy Easter Y’all. Don’t wanna put a damper on it for you all, but really would appreciate you all saying some prayers for my dad and the doctors and nurses that are taking care of him.

He’s was supposed to be getting out of the hospital / rehab on Monday, after having been in there for just over a month, but yesterday morning I got a call from the hospital (Madison Memorial Hospital) letting me know that his kidney function had stopped and that they had to transfer him to a nearby larger hospital (SGMC) for emergency dialysis. I didn’t know till last night that apparently his potassium levels had reached a level that – according to his doctor there -he was close to death by the time they got him to the ER at SGMC.

He’s stable now, but between this, him passing out and falling flat on his face for no clear reason and needing surgery to fix his hand as a result of that fall, him having the heart attack the day after that surgery, him having had internal bleeding due to ulcers, him likely having Parkinson’s, and now his kidneys having suddenly shut down for reasons they’re not yet sure of – all in just over a month.

Well, my family and I are super concerned about him. I’m not ready to see him leave this world yet, but it seems like he’s determined to find a way to. Please pray for him. His name is Bill – but I jokingly always call him by his middle name – Gilford – because he’ just loves – loves – being called that. He’s as kind-hearted and loving of a person as they come, so it’s tough seeing him have to go through all this at all, but especially go through¬† it all within such a short period of time.

I’ve got word that the doctor treating him at SGMC feels his kidney function will completely return, that he’s doing much better this morning, and that his dialysis has been postponed. But, he’s still got a lot of battles to fight – the toughest of which may end up being him having to adapt to and live with Parkinson’s like symptoms – even if it turns out to not be Parkinson’s.

So, please pray for him to keep his spirits up – as much as can be expected. And pray that all the doctors and nurses that are taking care of him have the best intuition / instincts in how they treat him for all of the issues I’ve mentioned above in the future.

Also, just so you all know, my dad wouldn’t want me making this post, because he’s the type person that is always concerned *for* others, but never wants to be a concern or bother *to* others. But I can’t think of any other time for myself and those that care about him to be concerned, whether he wants us to be or not. That being said, please do say a prayer or two on his behalf. And if you don’t believe in God – please send out some well wishes for him and his healthcare providers – because I believe God hears and listens to them too.

I’m sharing this photo of him so those of you that don’t know him can see who I’m talking about – it’s my favorite photo of him even though it’s a few years old now. He’s a retired electrical engineer and restored and collects old radios. So this is one of him with one of his favorites.